Area Information

Distances from Fan Apartments

Airport : 30 km west, Port : 35 km west, Beach : 100 m, Bus stop 80 m, Stalis centre 100 m
Malia: 4 km east, Hersonissos 4 km west


"A gift of Gods to man" is a justifiable characterization of the modern tourist resort, Stalida. The name of that beautiful village, belonging in the municipality of Malia, comes from the ancient Greek place name, Stalis.

If one goes back to the past of that place, he finds out that the picture the visitor gets today has no relation with what it used to be once.
During the first decades of the twentieth century, Stalida was used as a port of transportation

For goods produced in the area and in Lassithi (olive-oil, wine, bananas, and horticultural goods) to Heraklion, with small sailing vessels.
Until the 1980s, Stalida was apartments offers the best, with regard to accommodation and entertainment facilities!!!

Hospitality is the main feature of the locals, who will welcome you and make you feel at home. Stalida is ideal for family holidays and is famous for its very good climatic conditions (very dry climate). Wander along the coastal road.

You will come across very modern, sophisticated restaurants, clubs, cafes with an ideal atmosphere, as well as numerous stores for your shopping. A common characteristic in all those places is friendliness, smiling people, good quality and excellent service!!

That destination will impress you by all means, since it has succeeded in combining calm and relaxation with magic nights under the moonlight by the coast, accompanied by the Cretan spirits, tsikoudia, good wine, exquisite Cretan food and traditional music. Good cheers and joy will certainly make your nights.

Your mind will always go back in that astounding corner of Crete, captive by the charms of that dreamy destination.


Malia is a coastal town located 34 km west of Iraklion, following the National Road Iraklion - Agios Nikolaos, built at the bay of the same name.

It is the seat of the municipality of Malia which also includes the villages Mohos, Krassi and the area of Stalis.
The region of Malia is very rich due to its fertile land, its springs of water of excellent quality, both gifts of the mount "SELENA" located south of Malia, its archaeological site, and of course its gorgeous sandy beach, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.
From the city of Iraklion (the bus station is located near the port) there is regular public transportation available for visiting Malia.
There is also bus service from Agios Nikolaos.


There is a wide range of tourist and other facilities provided in Malia.
Malia is the suitable place for the visitor who wants an intense night life.
Malia has one of the longest stretches of beach in Crete which actually starts from the small town of Stalis west of Malia and extends for more than 4 km to the east.

This beach is fairly organized and provides all the amenities that a touristmightwant.
During the high season (July-September) the beach can get fairly crowded. However there are many smaller beaches in coves around Malia, for those who prefer a more secluded place.. Opposite to the beach there is a small islet, easily accessible by swimming, with a small church on it.